About Us

     Tongyuan Plastics USA, Inc has the manufacturing facility in Guangzhou China.We have manufactured Plastic Bags for commercial and retail use for over 30 years. Currently we have 270,000 square feet of manufacturing facility, 60,000 square feet of warehouse and nearly 300 employees.
     We have excellent equipment such as extruders, converting machines and on-line production machines, which reduces the labor and increases the productivity greatly. Our products are sold worldwide with annual income of approximately 10million US Dollars.
Currently we are GMP, BRC/IOP, KOSHER and ISO (9001/14001/18001) certified. We have operated a dedicated R&D Department for the development of new resin and new products. The team is responsible for all the product property tests as well, which guarantees our product quality and ensures that we are on the cutting edge of the industry.
     Sustainability is always what we care about. We are committed to build a more sustainable future by reducing the usage of energy and using alternative sources of energy.
     In all, we are capable to supply product complete and on time and able to stock some higher volume regular reorder items to provide shorter lead-times. We are easy to work with and very flexible to your needs!

We look forward to working with you!